The End of an Era

5th June 2017

Chaldon Rise has been providing care for adults with dementia and other mental illnesses, including learning disabilities since 1987, within the same family-run business Care Unlimited.

For the past couple of years we have been subsidising the care costs for the many of residents, maintaining the standard of care they deserve, with the hope that the various funding sources would meet the costs to deliver this level of care. Sadly, this was not able to fund the level of service and staffing that we believe is necessary, making the business model with the current client group no longer financially viable.

The Directors of Care Unlimited have reached the conclusion that sadly we need to close our operations on Friday 16th June 2017. The service will be fully de-registered and operations at this home will cease, regrettably with redundancies but redeployment of some staff where possible.

Residents and families have been supported, and some have already begun to move on to their new homes, whilst we work alongside relatives and local authorities to support onward placements. Our local Reigate and Banstead Social Services team, part of Surrey County Council, have been very supportive to our valued residents in assisting them to find new homes. We remain committed to keeping residents safe and well cared for with appropriate staffing until our final day of service, in accordance with CQC standards.

An action plan is being followed to address issues raised in our recent CQC inspection report, the very first in our company’s 34 year history not to make a GOOD rating, and all stemming from the staffing crisis and the overall lack of sufficient local authority care funding. We have however found some issues with the report and will be discussing these formerly with the CQC, following independent advice. Sadly Chaldon Rise now finds itself in the statistic that nearly 40% of cares homes inspected nationwide have failed to meet requirements for a GOOD standard in the last month. The overwhelming majority of relatives have been happy with the care that their loved one has received at Chaldon Rise, and are sad about the closure of the home. Currently our other services all have a GOOD rating.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all their hard work through challenging times within a sector that is in crisis surrounding funding and staffing - from the nursing and care team, to the ancillary staff including cooks, housekeeping, laundry, administration and management. In addition, we express our gratitude to all healthcare professionals, suppliers and relatives who have contributed to the greater community of Chaldon Rise, and its service over the years. This is an emotional time for all involved and sadly the end of an era.

Background to the Staffing Crisis

This staffing crisis is the culmination of multiple dynamics in the current labour market:
1. A lack of nurses entering the service. This is compounded by BREXIT and the introduction of an advanced English speaking course which many European countries are not yet geared up for. The cost of recruiting a nurse through a recruitment agent is in the region of £5000. The geographical location of the home also presents a challenge.
2. The huge growth in agencies does seem to have significantly affected the supply of both nurses and carers in the sector, and our recent subsequent reliance on them has significantly increased our costs of care, and can impact the consistency of care.
3. Local authority funding has not been able to keep up with the escalating staff costs and wages. The majority of our residents at Chaldon Rise are funded this way.

Winner at the Surrey Care Awards November 2016!

21st November 2016

We are very proud to announce that we had 2 finalists reach the prestigious Surrey Care Award finals in two categories: Care Newcomer of the Year 2016 and Beyond the Call of Duty.

Ellie Hawkes and Eliza Smith representing DomCare/Supported Living and Chaldon Rise Care Home respectively, were nominated for their excellent work and development in health and social care, both absolute newcomers within the last 2 years and an inspiration to their colleagues. More details coming soon on why they were nominated!

Introducing CAREDOCS

8th July 2016

We are delighted to announce the successful introduction and trial of CAREDOCS - an advanced new electronic system for documenting all records for residents.

We have trialled the software at Chaldon Rise Care Home with Nursing, under the supervision of Home Manager Eva Robinson, who is already very familiar with the system, having used it with great results before.

The system offers easy documentation, and a through approach to Care Documentation and Person-centred Care Planning. Ours staff have taken to it very quickly and using it on a daily basis.

Latest Friends and Family meeting at Chaldon Rise

14th October 2015

On 30th September 2015 Danny Shamtally, director and Mary Love, Manager took part in the 'Family & Friends of Chaldon Rise Meeting and discussions. This meeting was a platform to discuss ways to improve care for their loved ones.

It is an informal meeting where we speak freely and with transparency. This is a constructive and positive way to improve our services. We discussed 'Talk Circle' which an idea developed by Danny whereby staff talks ad hoc to a group of residents. There are no subjects. Just talk about anything even if the conversations deviates from one thing to another and may not even makes sense. This could be just uttering words and usage of words. To get people to talk and discourse. This idea was developed with dementia sufferers in mind. In dementia conversation gets all jumbled up, looses their meaning and often words are made up and meaningless. The mere fact that we get people to talk and engage them in conversation they can relearn words and by repeating they can improve their vocabulary. Anybody are encouraged to join in 'Talk Circle'.

Research has found that because the dementia sufferer cannot engage in meaningful conversation they are often excluded when talking to others who can engage properly. This exclusion sinks the sufferer further in a sense of helplessness which can lead to more confusions, frustration and even depression.

In dementia there are often pockets of momentary lucidity which can greatly enhance the intelligibility of conversation.

We discussed what Relatives and Friends would like most in care giving. They came up with :

* Dignity
* Compassion
* Transparency
* Stimulation
* Communication
* Engagement

The care culture of Care Unlimited will endeavour to continue to encompass those 6 qualities and will always be the foundation on which to develop and train our staff.

The 'Family and Friend' meeting takes place once a month.

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