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26th August 2011

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Offical Statement - regarding safeguarding at Grennell Lodge

25th August 2011

Statement from Danny Shamtally, Principal Partner Care Unlimited - 24th August 2011

Re: Incident at Grennell Lodge – Safeguarding Newspaper article

Grennell Lodge is the oldest home in the family-run group of Care Unlimited, founded in 1983. It is a nursing home providing 24 hour care for people with mental health problems. Age group from mid 50s to late 80s.

A safeguarding alert was raised on 10th June 2010 following an allegation of physical assault by a member of staff on a female resident. I, Danny Shamtally, Principal Partner visited the home and the member of staff was suspended from duty with immediate effect. The authorities were alerted by the home and the correct procedure for reporting an act of abuse was followed. The resident was examined by a doctor and supported by members of staff following the trauma. What makes this case particularly disturbing is the fact that the perpetrator was a staff nurse who had work at the home for seven years with an unblemished record and has been nursing for nearly forty years.

Care Unlimited has a robust policy of zero tolerance to protect vulnerable people in its care. Our ”No-secret’s and “Whistle-blowing” policies have proven that the process and system work. Two members of staff, one of them who witnessed the incident, came forward and reported the assault.

The matter went through the safeguarding process and was ably handled by our Human Resources Manager, our Quality Assurance Manager and the Home Manager. At the Safeguarding Strategic Planning Meeting the case was referred to the police who were also in attendance. Care Unlimited worked closely with the police and the matter was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service. Care Unlimited under its obligation reported the matter to the Nurses and Midwives Council (NMC) given that the assailant was a registered nurse. This was done as a precautionary measure to make sure that he does not work as a qualified nurse elsewhere. He was dismissed from employment with Care Unlimited on 8th September 2010 following advice from our Employment and Personnel Consultants.

That member of staff was Yoosoof Assen and no longer works at Care Unlimited. He was found guilty of the offence on 15th August 2011 at Croydon Magistrates Court and will be sentenced on 7th September 2011.

In the 28 year history of Grennell Lodge this is the first time we have experienced such a violent incident. It is deplorable, cowardly and Yoosoof Assen deserves the full force of the law. Care Unlimited will always be in the debt of the two members of staff who came forward and attended court as vital witness to make sure that justice is done. I must stress that the Home has no evidence that other residents in our care were physically abused in any way.

Safeguarding of vulnerable people in care remains paramount and zero tolerance will prevail. Care providers have a responsibility to make sure that people in their care are safe and protected from any harm. What we have seen demonstrated that the system is working and anyone who over-step the line will be dealt with and brought to book.

I am Principal Partner of Care Unlimited and also a Registered Mental Nurse and a Registered Welfare Officer. I have worked for the National Health Service, Social Services and now in the private sector. I have been a nurse for 41 years and 15 of those years as a residential social worker. It is very sad that this terrible act should happen in one of our homes. The publicity in the press, I feel, is very balanced. Grennell Lodge has done its duty fairly and robustly. I hope that all those who read the article will reserve judgement and applaud the courage of the staff who have brought an end to Yoosoof Assen’s career and he will never be allowed near the vulnerable again.

Yours sincerely

Danny Shamtally
Principal Partner (Development)

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