Latest Friends and Family meeting at Chaldon Rise

14th October 2015

On 30th September 2015 Danny Shamtally, director and Mary Love, Manager took part in the 'Family & Friends of Chaldon Rise Meeting and discussions. This meeting was a platform to discuss ways to improve care for their loved ones.

It is an informal meeting where we speak freely and with transparency. This is a constructive and positive way to improve our services. We discussed 'Talk Circle' which an idea developed by Danny whereby staff talks ad hoc to a group of residents. There are no subjects. Just talk about anything even if the conversations deviates from one thing to another and may not even makes sense. This could be just uttering words and usage of words. To get people to talk and discourse. This idea was developed with dementia sufferers in mind. In dementia conversation gets all jumbled up, looses their meaning and often words are made up and meaningless. The mere fact that we get people to talk and engage them in conversation they can relearn words and by repeating they can improve their vocabulary. Anybody are encouraged to join in 'Talk Circle'.

Research has found that because the dementia sufferer cannot engage in meaningful conversation they are often excluded when talking to others who can engage properly. This exclusion sinks the sufferer further in a sense of helplessness which can lead to more confusions, frustration and even depression.

In dementia there are often pockets of momentary lucidity which can greatly enhance the intelligibility of conversation.

We discussed what Relatives and Friends would like most in care giving. They came up with :

* Dignity
* Compassion
* Transparency
* Stimulation
* Communication
* Engagement

The care culture of Care Unlimited will endeavour to continue to encompass those 6 qualities and will always be the foundation on which to develop and train our staff.

The 'Family and Friend' meeting takes place once a month.

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